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Searching for Articles: Field Qualification

Default Searches




Each database has a different default search field.  If you don't choose a field in an Ebsco database, your terms will be searched in the Author, Subject, Title, Abstract, and author supplied Keywords fields. 

If you'd like to search an entire article, you will need to perfom an All-Text search.  All Text Searches are good for very specific words or phrases that would distinguish the article from others on the same topic. All Text is also a great choice for searching newspaper archives, since no subject headings or tags are assigned to newspaper articles in databases.

WARNING!  An All-Text search could give you many irrelevant results.  Some of your search terms may only be mentioned once in an entire article and may be in the wrong context.

Field Qualifiers

Find it by Field Searching!

Searching in a database using different fields can be a powerful way to find relevant results.  A field is a specific part of a record in a database. Common fields that can be searched are:

If you already know the author of a specific article, entering their Last Name, First Initial in the author field will pull more relevant records than a keyword search. This will ensure all results are articles written by the author and not articles about that author or just with that author’s name mentioned anywhere in the record.

But Why?