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Books - Using the Library Catalog & Finding Books

Norco College & RCCD Libraries - Catalog Search


Search by title, author (use the format of last name, then first name) subject or keyword. If you’re looking for books on a topic, start looking by keyword.

Use the pull down bar next to the search box to look specifically for items in our library.

Quick Tips:

Spelling is important! If you are unsure the spelling of something check it before you start your search.

 Use words and phrases that have similar meaning, like “capital punishment” and “death penalty”

Go broader on your subject and look at “prison systems”

Or -  Look at something more specific like “Lethal Injection” or “death row inmates”

Some of your results may be print books, and others will be eBooks. If you look in the right hand side of the row of each item, you’ll see little icons, like these:

Print books have this icon                                        eBooks have this icon: 


The Call number (CALL #) is the way in which the books are organized on the shelves (we use the Library of Congress (LC or LOC) system).

Write the call number down. You will need it to locate the book in the library.

The Location will tell you what area of the library the book is located:

  • Norco Main Stack will be located in the main shelves in the back of the library and are able to be checked out.
  • Norco Reserve is located behind the Circulation (front) desk, and generally have a two hour use in the library.
  • Norco Reference books are located in the short shelves and the tall shelves with blue cards, and are not able to be checked out or removed from the library.
  • Status will tell you if the book is available to you.


If you aren’t sure, ask us and we’ll be glad to help.


image of shelves in library where books are located

Now that you have a call number and location of your book, you’ll be able to locate your book. 

For Main Stack and Reference books, head to the location the catalog indicated. You’ll see cards on the shelves which contain a range of call numbers. Head to the shelves that would contain the call number you are looking for.

For example, PZ7.R79835 Har 1998 would be located on these shelves.







Let’s break down what this looks like:


Read the first line in alphabetical order:

A, B, BF, C, D, DR, E… J, K, KE, KF… M, N…

Read the second line as a whole number

1, 2, 3, 4… 22, 23, 24… 100, 200, 240, 300…

The third line is a combination of letter and numbers. Read the letter alphabetically and read the number like a decimal.

The last set of numbers is the year published, and they are organized in order.

A good rule of thumb is to look for the section on the shelves that contain the first set of letters, then within that section, look for the next set of numbers, followed by the letter/number combination.

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