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Faculty Guide: OER - Zero Cost Textbooks

Library resources and services for Norco College Faculty


We are moving the OER content to its own guide at See you there! 

A recent Florida Virtual Campus report underscores these possible benefits by reporting via survey data the negative impacts of on students when the use of commercially published textbooks is the only choice available to students. This report said,

  • "(66.6% did not purchase the required textbook) [as a result] (37.6% earn a poor grade; 19.8% fail a course)".
  • "Time to graduation and/or access to courses is also impacted by cost. Students reported that they occasionally or frequently take fewer courses (47.6%);"
  • [Students] "do not register for a course (45.5%);"
  • [Students] "drop a course (26.1%), or withdraw from courses (20.7%)."
Get started by searching for content of your own! There are a myriad of places to search for content, and we've collected a few of the best links for our campus and its schools.

If want to know more, and there's a few tutorials available for faculty who want to know more about OER:

Information on how to incorporate a zero cost textbook into your course. More information on OER at Norco College is forthcoming. 



Below are some links about the process:

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Readings about OER

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