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What is a Library Partner?

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The Library Partners of the Wilfred J. Airey Library is an advocacy group that exists to promote and financially support the resources, services, programs and needs of the Norco College academic library. Library Partners are encouraged to contribute an annual donation to the library and/or to become a volunteer, helping with library-related events, activities, operations and initiatives. Library Partners promote an appreciation of and an interest in the library throughout the college and community, as well as serve to demonstrate the overall value of libraries, books, and reading.

How do I become a Library Partner?

Your tax-deductible donation helps support library programs and services for students.


Annual Partners Fees:

  • Students            $10
  • Seniors (55+)    $15
  • Individual           $25
  • Family               $50
  • Corporate          $250

Partner Benefits may include:

  • Recognition on library website
  • Donor Wall
  • Exclusive VIP author luncheons
  • Read 2 Succeed book
  • Library Partners t-shirt

Apply to be a Library Partner here!

Click the link below to download and print your Norco College Library Partners Application Brochure!

Do you love books, libraries or poetry?

Girl sitting on floor reading a childrens book If the answer is YES!, Join the Norco College Library Partners today!

As a Library Partner, your commitment and donation helps support:

  • Library programs such as Read 2 Succeed, Celebrate Books and Libraries, and Poetry Performance
  • Student scholarships
  • Books and materials
  • Awareness of library resources and services to the college and community

The library is the cornerstone of lifelong learning for our students and the community. With your support, the Wilfred J. Airey Library enhances student learning and success. 

2017 Library Partners

      Lifetime Library Partners

       Ruth Leal   

      Annual Library Partners                                

       Toni Britt 

       Celia Brockenbrough 

       Nikki Capps - Faculty Library Champion

            Arlene Cordova 

         Joyce Davis                               

       James Finley                                                             

       Albert Jimenez

           Vivian Martin

       Jospeh Mirander  

       Damon Nance

Family Partner

Ana Ghent Family

Billy and Vivian Martin & Family

Eric and Diana Meza & Family 

James and Maureen Sinclair & Family 

Corporate Partners

Bluesilver Video Productions  

Broken Circle Studios  

SINCLAIR Corporation

Can I volunteer?

As a Partner Volunteer, you will be helping our library and giving back to your community. It's also a great way to make new friends and have fun working library events.

As a volunteer, you can:

  • Organize book sales and other fundraisers
  • Promote library services and resources
  • Assist with library sponsored events
  • Attend Library Advisory meetings and retreats
  • Recruit new Library Partners

                           Stack of books

"Volunteers are not paid, not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless."                                                          Anonymous