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Library Impacts: Library Impacts

Library Impacts

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The ability to discuss, evaluate and demonstrate the value and impact of libraries and their collections on student learning and success is becoming all the more important. Provided here is an ever growing collection of documents, literature, research, etc. pertaining to the tremendous positive and critical impacts of libraries on the world around us, both now and in the future!

Libraries change lives

Library Bill of Rights

Improve your health through Libraries!

The many roles of the 21st Century Library

Top 10 reasons to become a Community College Librarian

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1. Money, money, money! Entry-level community and junior college librarians tend to earn a higher salary than other academic librarians.

2. The emphasis is on the student—not the faculty.

3. Variety. Community and junior college librarians typically have a broader array of work responsibilities than other academic librarians.

4. Get management experience sooner. Community and junior college librarians typically assume supervisory or management duties sooner than academic librarians in other settings.

5. Work with a diverse population. Adult learners and first generation college students frequently make up a higher proportion of community and junior college library users than in the four-year college/university setting.

6. Escape the silo mentality. Community and junior college libraries are often encouraged to collaborate closely with other college departments.

7. Be part of a team effort. There are typically fewer divisions between public and technical services staff in a community and junior college environment.

8. A more direct—and faster—route to a high-level administrative position in an academic library.

9. The excitement of a community college graduation ceremony.

10. Feel needed. Community and junior college librarians work with underprivileged, under prepared students who truly appreciate and benefit from a librarian's assistance.

7 Indicators Academic Librarians Will Continue to Invest in Student Success

Why support your local library?


Why Libraries Are Transforming

The Value of Libraries

Academic Library Impact on Student Learning and Success: Findings from Assessment in Action Team Projects.

 Prepared by Karen Brown with contributions by Kara J. Malenfant.

 Chicago: Association of College and Research Libraries, 2017. 

50 Best Quotes about Libraries & Librarians

Something to think About

Americans went to the library more often than they went to the movies, poll finds.  

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Checking out books from the library