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Textbooks: How to Find a textbook in the library:

Textbooks are available in the library:

A limited number of newer print editions are found in the Library Reserves, which may be checked out for up to 21 days. You are also limited to one reserved item at a time. See below to check if a text is available in our OneSearch Library Catalog. You can also ask us at the library or call 951-372-7119 for assistance.

Older print editions of textbooks *may* be available on our shelves, which you may also check out of the library for 21 days. Always check with your professor if an older edition is okay for a class.

Print books found at MVC or RCC can be requested and picked up from those libraries.

If you need help, ask us!

If you are looking for a textbook for purchase or rent, see the Norco College Bookstore.

How to locate a textbook using OneSearch:

screeshot of library catalog, one share, with norco course reserves button selected

Visit our Library Catalog, OneSearch to locate a textbook.

Search for your textbook by title, and select the "Norco Course Reserves" to narrow your results



If you do not know the title of the textbook but you know the course ID (for example ENG, MAT, EAR), Change the search filter from "Any Field" to "Course ID", and enter the course ID.  

Check out the results on the page. verify that the title and author are the same, and the edition and/or year are the same.

Then write down the call # and bring it to the front (circulation) desk in the library.

If you need help, ask us. We're happy to help you!