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Evaluating Websites: The Basics

Why Evaluate Resources?

In today's Information Age, one can find a wealth of information on almost any topic. 

The challenge is to sift through a huge amount of information and identify sources that are not only appropriate but also reliable. 


Here are some myths about websites and the internet:

"I found it on the internet, so it must be true."

"All websites are professional and of the highest quality."

Unlike articles that appear in periodicals or materials that the LLRC (Library and Learning Resource Center) owns, many items appearing on the World Wide Web are not "filtered" or reviewed by editors or authorities on the subject before publication. That means anyone anywhere can put anything on the Internet.

We Wish It Was This Easy


Words and images available on the internet can be spun to manipulate the way you see information.  Be careful to fully evaluate any information you get for credibility.


Check Lists!

Make sure you've looked at all the relevant criteria with these handy dandy checklists!

When in Doubt,

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Video on Evaluating Websites