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Online Historical Newspapers : Trench Newspapers/Journals - 1st World War

Trench Newspapers WWI


Trench newspapers were common in regiments across Europe. One hundred British papers and more than four hundred French ones are known to have been published. While some were simple penciled sheets reproduced with carbon paper, others were many-page publications made with printing presses, which soldiers sometimes came upon in the war-torn towns of France and Belgium.

Canadian Trench Newspapers/Journals WWI

First World War Trench Journals This collection of First World War military newspapers, or "trench journals," was produced as part of the Early Canadian Periodicals project for its valuable insights into the social and cultural responses to war among Canadian expeditionary soldiers. Notorious for their wit and black humour, trench journals present a unique selection of wry, humorous and poignant submissions from the Canadian rank-and-file serving in France, including letters, poems, editorial cartoons, awards, social events, and a wider commentary on military and civilian life. The following titles were selected for their value to teachers, genealogists, and scholars in communications, social, and military history:

French Trench Newspapers