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English 1A - Morford f19:  

Researching your topic using the Library

If you aren't sure of your topic yet, you can get ideas by exploring some of the databases that we have: try doing a few searches in Opposing viewpoints, or use the "Browse Issues" link on the upper right-hand side of the Opposing Viewpoints home page to look at some topics. 

At this point, you might have a topic that you're interested in, but you're unclear on something or need a little bit more background or history on your topic. Books can help with more detail on a general topic, and  Encyclopedias can offer a lot of help on that specific person/place/thing/event that you want to know more about. 

This is where you dig into your topic. You should have a good idea about the basics of your topic, and hopefully, you've found some great ideas/words that you can use in your search.

You can also look at other databases at our Articles & Databases at the bottom of the list below,

Citation Help - MLA Style Links

How To Perform a Literature Review

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Database Search Tips:

Search Tips:

  • Use keywords when searching the databases -- keep the language simple, and clear.
  • If you find an article or two, search them for words you may have not thought of to describe your topic. Write them down, and use them for more searching.
  • Note the number of results in your searches. You want a manageable number of results (around 60) that you can look over quickly. note that the first page of results may not be the best picks for your topic, so look them all over!
    • Too many results?
      • Make sure your topic isn't too broad, such as Health
      • Try narrowing your topic by either adding to the search bar or by using the 'narrow by' columns, either to the right or left of your results. 
        • Including a group type, such as Childhood Obesity
        • Including a location, such as California
        • Change the date range to the last few years, so the information is current
    • Too few results?
      • Try using broader topics, like 
      • Add other search terms, or try using a variety of terms for example: 'teens or teenagers or adolescents or young adults'

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You can also Chat with a Librarian online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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