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Foster Youth Awareness

This guide provides library and Web resources related to Foster Youth Awareness.

foster youth awareness

About Foster Care

"Foster care, which refers to the care of children outside their family of origin when their parents are unable to care for them, is meant to be temporary. Most foster care systems and policies stress working toward a permanent arrangement, such as reunification with the child's family, adoption, or emancipation."

Source: Exiting Foster Care. (2023). In Gale Opposing Viewpoints Online Collection

Read the White House Proclamation on Foster Care Month.

National Foster Care Month 2024 Children's Bureau Message

National Foster Care Month (NFCM) in May is an important opportunity to spread the word about the needs of the more than 391,000 children and young people in foster care. This year's NFCM theme—"Engaging Youth. Building Supports. Strengthening Opportunities."—shines a light on how we can best support young people and help them successfully transition to adulthood. This theme mirrors one of the Children's Bureau's highest priorities: ensuring young people leave care with strengthened relationships, holistic supports, and opportunities. Read more from the Child Welfare Information Gateway's Children's Bureau Message.

Videos on Foster Youth

From Films on Demand

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